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The Purpose of the Mat In the Well Framed Picture

by FRANK CALIENDO on 07/18/13

When we frame a picture the mat has some very basic reasons for being part of the whole framing package.

First of all, the mat should support the art in a subtle way without drawing attention to itself. 

It supports the artwork by providing a very comfortable setting in which the artwork sits. I believe that the best matting should not be really seen on the very first emotional glimpse the viewer takes. It needs to become part of the art. Only after the viewer starts to analyze the well framed piece does he/she realize that this matting is doing an excellent job by visually and colorfully providing a natural complement.
(Mind you, this sequence of reactions usually occurs within the time set of a few seconds.)

The second job of the mat is to provide some physical space for the art to breathe. By expanding the size of the overall framing package with the use of a mat, the picture takes on more attention because it's size is increased substantially. Now this can be positive or negative attention depending on your use of the best possible matting (color and texture) and too, by choosing the optimum border sizes for the mat.

In our next meeting we'll talk about glazing (glass/plastic). 

I'll see you soon.

A Well Framed Picture

by FRANK CALIENDO on 07/16/13

A well framed picture starts with the thinking process. One must ask the 1st question: What is the general classification of this artwork?

Is it a landscape, a portrait, a memorabilia type, etc? It might seem like an over simplification, but it starts you off with a full stop and stepping back to conjure up thoughts and feelings about this landscape, portrait, architectural, memorabilia type, etc. And it is always important to keep a mind open to options especially when your creative skills are being called upon.

Consider what feelings come to you as you look at your artwork Is it a snowy winter scene in the dead of winter? Does it remind you of a summer setting when you were a child on summer vacation? Or does it help you to recall how a monument appeared to you when you visited it on your vacation last year?

Any and all of the feelings that start coming to you will bring you back to a time or setting of the artwork. Even if you were actually never at the place in your art you will recall a similar place or setting. This is one reason why we like and want to own art.

This should give you a start for any art that you are looking forward to frame.

In my next post I will lead you to our next step in quality framing your art. There are more exciting steps to come.